My time with Fusion Sports & Performance has been awesome! I first started training with Matt in 2010 when I first joined Crossfit Maroochydore. After three years I felt I needed a little bit more of a push and a more tailored program to better suit my athletic needs and this was just about the time Matt was starting up Fusion. From the get go the individual programming Matt had given me pushed me to my limits and within a few weeks I had seen a dramatic improvement in my strength and fitness. After breaking my leg during a football game in late 2014, as soon as I could get back into the gym Matt helped me right through the rehab process tailoring the program to build the strength back up in my leg. 6 months later I have full strength back in my leg and am back into my full programming smashing out PB’s weekly. 
The wealth of knowledge and experience that Matt can never go unseen, the amount of time and effort he puts into programming and coaching really makes a difference. If you want a personal trainer that is always going to go that extra step and up the ante in your training than Fusion Sports and Performance is 100% the place to go!

- Ben Gough

I just completed the 6 week challenge & saw incredible results! Better than I could of ever imagined. The hours are great to work around my busy lifestyle & the workouts push my to my limits but within a small class to ensure I get the correct coaching on all movements throughout the session. I’ve decided to stay on with Fusion because I’ve fallen in love with the atmosphere, it’s welcoming, encouraging & above all else motivating. I highly recommend Fusion to everyone I know

- Ashlee Taylor

They even accommodate old decrepit rugby players who still have ambitions to run the old pig skin around the field. Top trainers and friendly environment.

- Brendon Raggett

I've been training with Matt for over a year and a half, including through pregnancy and my return to training afterwards. I couldn't have been in safer hands and I'm looking forward to getting back to where I was before. There's been so many times I haven't been able to make a lift but when Matt's watching me he can give me the right encouragement to make it

- Cassie Wilson

Just finished the 6 week challenge. I couldn't have achieved the results I did without Matt and his team. Met some great like minded people. Loved it so much I signed up for next 6 months

- Kevin Walduck

Most fun I've had working out - EVER! Also loving the nutrition advice and seeing my body change week by week

- Abby Jones-Walker

I've been training with Matt & The team since January. During this time, I've overcome a shoulder injury which occured during a fall (not gym related) and a sever flu.

Matt checked in regularly during my recovery, took the time to speak with my physio so he can modify my training. He is a true professional who's focus is making you the best you can be.

I highly recommend him!

- Jason Wright

Fully addicted to working out and it's all your fault!

- Laura Weyman-Jones

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 8 weeks at Fusion Sports.I had a list of expectations coming in to this and you guys have ticked everyone of those and more.You and your team of coaches have a vast array of knowledge that i have been able to tap into that has enabled me to achieve my goals thus far.I feel that i have improved my strength and fitness with each and every session,something i haven't been able to achieve elsewhere.i feel very motivated at the moment as each session provides different challenges and movements.


You have a great bunch of people down there and it is an absolute pleasure to show up there each day.Can't wait for the next part of the program.


Thanks  Brad Stinson      

- Brad Stinson

I started my Crossfit journey little over 6 months ago.  I remember the feeling of walking into the box; full of nerves,  excited, scared, but ready for a challenge.  It has so far been the best 6 months of training in my life! ! 
The dedication from Matt to his team is incredible;  he is a coach like no other.  He is consistently motivating me, and the rest of his team to achieve nothing but their BEST.  No matter how much I whinge to him about being sore or lazy, I am always back for more. I've learnt incredible amounts about myself, my confidence and my body, some of which are still hard to get my head around!
At the end of the day  I LOVE crossfit Maroochydore because I have met some new & wonderful, inspiring people who are so much fun to train with.  So THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity,  keep up the sensational work Noonan ;-)

- Jess Berg