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are you looking to enhance your game?

Do you need some direction in your training?

Crossfit Maroochydore specializes in helping people looking for direction in their training through personalized programming and coaching. We can help you build a healthier lifestyle through smarter training and education

We understand that every goal, every sport, every athlete and every person is different so we look at you as an individual and analyse your goals in order to put together a customized program that works for you.

We start by reviewing your goals, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and the skills and abilities needed for your particular sport. We also look at physical and time demands of your sport and write a program to help you enhance your game.

Using a fusion of the best training methodologies, we give you the most effective and efficient training program available.

Fusion Weightlifting

The Fusion Team also offers Fusion Weightlifting, which involves specialist programs and coaching for the sport of weightlifting.  

The Olympic weightlifting movements are a great way to develop strength, speed and power and can complement your sports training programs.

Fusion Sports and Performance and Fusion Weightlifting currently operate out of Crossfit Maroochydore.


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Phone: 0401 363 171

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