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Mar 27

Coach Helens Blog! - Healthier Eating!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Healthier Eating

Eating well is a lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t about eating perfectly, it’s about making more nutritious choices most of the time.

You may think that eliminating certain foods from your diet is the way to shed extra kilograms, however, generally speaking, restrictive diets are not sustainable, and any weight loss on these diets tends to rebound within a few months.

One piece of chocolate cake won’t make you fat or unhealthy. Over-indulgence of said cake could over time though. So sure, perhaps you need to set some boundaries with trigger foods until you’re ready to enjoy them in moderation.

When we get too strict with our rules of what we can and can’t eat, we risk suffering from cravings which usually leads to over-indulgence. Give yourself permission to eat your ‘crave food’ in moderation. This in turn can lead to fewer cravings because you know you can eat all foods anytime you want.

For me personally, falling off, or rather NOT falling off the wagon of good healthy eating has been a real battle. If I ‘cheated’ one day, I would find myself thinking, “Oh well, the whole weeks wrecked now. May as well eat whatever”. Once I changed my attitude towards that piece of chocolate, or glass of wine, and allowed myself ‘guilt free’ indulgence occasionally, my cravings started to change. More often than now, now I’ll crave one of the healthy snacks or shakes that I have been making, rather than the sugar-rich treats I would have normally gone for.

Eating ‘clean’ isn’t hard. It’s not really much more expensive than buying processed foods either. You do need to set some time aside for prep, but meals don’t have to be complicated or fancy.

Someone once told me that the key to ‘clean’ eating was to shop around the outskirts of the supermarket. Don’t bother going down the aisles. Recently I cleaned up my diet (again!) and this motto is pretty spot on. Fruit, Veg, the deli, meats, frozen foods (not the pizzas and pies though!). Occasionally I venture into an aisle for some canned goods, or almond or soy milk.

There are so many resources out there with recipes and tips – you just have to jump online! But remember, what works for someone else might not be the best for you. You won’t know until you start though. Start with small changes – don’t try to overhaul your whole diet on the first day. Change, or make, one habit. Then start on the next. Talk to people about how you’re changing your lifestyle. This makes you accountable and might help to keep you on track.  

But most of all – enjoy the beautiful good, REAL food! Easy doesn’t have to mean plain or boring. Use spices! Don’t be afraid of trying a food you have no idea how to cook. Google knows how to cook everything…usually in many different ways!

Give it a go…Your whole being will thank you for it. Your training, your recovery, your general well-being.

Bon Appetite!

Coach H x

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Feb 14

Using mindfulness to improve your fitness and health goals!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

We got Coach Davo to do a blog post for our most recent newsletter this week! Here is the full article!

Anyone wanting to improve their fitness, health, and life in general, need to be aware of how much your mind and internal ‘talk’ play a really big role. This is something I didn’t realise until maybe like… 5 or 6 years into my competitive athletics career, and then even when I knew about it, I wasn’t really training my ‘internal’ body (aka mind), as much as my external body.

It has only really been in the last 2 years that I have tried to concentrate on mindfulness in everyday life and when I train. What I mean by mindfulness: non-judgmental present-moment awareness, using breathing and meditation techniques to help achieve this. How can it help? Improves focus and helps you enjoy your workout (see headspace 4 reasons below too).

There is so much information and research that supports the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for everyday life and for athletic performance (I have listed a few other articles if you’re interested, below), but for me, keeping it really simple and quick is always the best. You don’t need to sit for 20mins meditating daily, if you do, then that’s awesome! But some people find that overwhelming. You can even mediate while surfing or running. It’s about taking that time out to be quiet and let thoughts come and go without judgement.

Coach Davo’s personal tips:

  • Focus on a background noise – eyes can be open – do it 2 mins to start with, then increase to 5 if you can– do this in the morning and for added benefit, write or think 3 things you are grateful for (can literally just be – I’m grateful my bed is soooo comfy)
  • When training, I always try to breathe in a rhythm depending on what exercise I’m doing and focus on my breath, especially before I start my reps, it also helps me to think about the muscle/s I’m about to use. Slowing down breathing when stretching (4-6 secs in and out) is great to finish off your session.
  • Self-talk - MAKE IT POSITIVE, but even if negative thoughts come into your head like ‘I can’t do that weight or that run, just notice them and be like ‘that’s just a thought I’m having’. This is me in my head when I’m working out ‘girl you got this, F#@* yeah smashed that one Davo, awesome you can do this, you’ve done it before….. hahahaha  etc  etc…. and when I’m sprinting – I always either count, 1,2,1,2,1,2 or if going a bit of a slower pace, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 etc, I also swap between counting and ‘glutes, arms, glutes, arms’ as those are the two things I know I need to focus on when sprinting for my technique and to be efficient.
  • Other ways to meditate/be present – running, surfing, yoga (use youtube for yoga),
  • guided meditations and positive affirmations (on youtube or audio books) are my go to Every. Single. Day. I usually listen to positive affirmations as I fall asleep (that’s why I think I’m so awesome in the mornings.. hahaha well that, and coffee = hyper davo)
  • I have learned all that I have through so so so so many people/information/podcasts etc on the net. And people I have come across in daily life who have given me tips.

2 of many of my podcast favs:

  • The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson – all about health, fitness, nutrition and mindset.
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations - ‘You get burpees! You get burpees! You get burpees!’…………………………. (kidding she never talks about burpees, but after I listen I might just need to yell this at my classes just cos’) Oprah interviews thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.

Headspace’s 4 reasons every athlete should meditate (PS – YOU ARE ALL ATHLETES)

1. Stress Reduction 2. Improved Sleep Patterns and Speeding Recovery Time 3. Enhanced Endurance 4. Improved Sense of Identity, Self, and the Body

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Oct 29

Thursday Thoughts - Attention to detail!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

We have 2 Vlogs that we will be putting up each week!

Technique Tuesday and Thursday Thoughts!

This is the First Thursday thoughts Vlog, send us an email or comment with any questions!

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Sep 09

Our Top 5 Mobility Tools

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

For good mobility it takes a focused and consistent effort in order to make any progress towards achieving superior movement. Minimal effort will only maintain your current level of mobility and flexibility at best at worst depending on your daily regime your suppleness could be moving in reverse.

We do our best to incorporate mobility drills into our group coaching warm-ups but those exercises are usually geared towards the workout of the day, not your individual issues. So ideally you should be spending some more time on your own individual limitations. We also understand that not everyone has the time to come into class 15 minutes early and get their mobility on. Getting a tool kit together for yourself to work on it when you have time is by far the best way to go.

For the price of a 60-minute massage, you can put together your own mobility kit that will last you indefinitely. We recommend having a few of these tools on hand at your home or office so that you can make sure you are consistently moving towards mobility mastery. Click on the headings of each to be taken to where you can purchase them 😊

  1. Foam Roller

The foam roller is best for larger areas of the body such as your quads, hamstrings, upper back, and lats. Best bet for a roller is a textured roller like the link in the heading.

  1. Lacrosse Ball

The lacrosse ball is best for getting into those tight spots like the delts, pec major, calves, plantar fascia, and other areas a foam roller isn’t effective due to it’s size.

You can buy a peanut shaped lacrosse ball to deal with that stiff, Quazimodo-like thoracic spine of yours. These is also the option for you to grab a pack with a roller and peanut shaped lacrosse ball

  1. Theracane

If you think of the foam roller as a cannon that can hit a large area at once, and the lacrosse ball as a handgun for getting a little more up close and personal, then a theracane is the precision sniper rifle of mobility tools. It’s a deep pressure massager that allows you get into some very hard to reach places like the pec minor, mid back, and traps.

  1. Stretch Out Strap 

If you have ever been to a physio, you have probably seen a stretch out strap in use for various types of stretches for your body. Rather than using rubber bands the stretch bands have numerous loops built-in to give you more options when stretching out. You can use the strap for daily stretching of muscle groups like the hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, adductors, and shoulders. It’s also easy to travel with so toss one into your carry-on so you can stretch out your stiff body after a long flight.

  1. Compression Floss Band

These bands are effective tools for improving mobility and facilitating recovery. Its stated that there are three major effects that help recovery: compression of the tissues increases shear thus freeing sliding surfaces that are “glued” together, compression helps move lymph and metabolic waste products out of the targeted muscle tissue, and the compensatory vasodilation that occurs after removal of the band brings increased blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscle. Check out this video by Dr. Kelly Starrett for a primer on how to floss the knee.

You need to make sure there is a consistent effort put forward to improve your mobility so having a few tools at home makes it a little easier to make improvements. With these 5 products, you can stretch out while you watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or another show, seeing as we have to wait 18 months for the next season now 😉

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Aug 09

Daily WODs will now be delivered via Email!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore


Starting this week we will be sending our Daily WODs out via email. Why are we doing this?????

To hopefully give you all more value, each day I will be doing a quick video breaking down the group workout for the day also going through our extras program and any mobility accessory work that would be of benefit to you! So to subscribe enter your details below, and keep an eye on your inbox at 6pm tonight for tomorrows WOD!

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Dec 22

Are you 18-40 years old and want to become the strongest version of yourself

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Are you 18-40 years old? Looking to find the Strongest and best version of yourself? We are looking for 3 and only 3...

Posted by Fusion Sports and Performance on Monday, 21 December 2015

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