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Mar 27

Coach Helens Blog! - Healthier Eating!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Healthier Eating

Eating well is a lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t about eating perfectly, it’s about making more nutritious choices most of the time.

You may think that eliminating certain foods from your diet is the way to shed extra kilograms, however, generally speaking, restrictive diets are not sustainable, and any weight loss on these diets tends to rebound within a few months.

One piece of chocolate cake won’t make you fat or unhealthy. Over-indulgence of said cake could over time though. So sure, perhaps you need to set some boundaries with trigger foods until you’re ready to enjoy them in moderation.

When we get too strict with our rules of what we can and can’t eat, we risk suffering from cravings which usually leads to over-indulgence. Give yourself permission to eat your ‘crave food’ in moderation. This in turn can lead to fewer cravings because you know you can eat all foods anytime you want.

For me personally, falling off, or rather NOT falling off the wagon of good healthy eating has been a real battle. If I ‘cheated’ one day, I would find myself thinking, “Oh well, the whole weeks wrecked now. May as well eat whatever”. Once I changed my attitude towards that piece of chocolate, or glass of wine, and allowed myself ‘guilt free’ indulgence occasionally, my cravings started to change. More often than now, now I’ll crave one of the healthy snacks or shakes that I have been making, rather than the sugar-rich treats I would have normally gone for.

Eating ‘clean’ isn’t hard. It’s not really much more expensive than buying processed foods either. You do need to set some time aside for prep, but meals don’t have to be complicated or fancy.

Someone once told me that the key to ‘clean’ eating was to shop around the outskirts of the supermarket. Don’t bother going down the aisles. Recently I cleaned up my diet (again!) and this motto is pretty spot on. Fruit, Veg, the deli, meats, frozen foods (not the pizzas and pies though!). Occasionally I venture into an aisle for some canned goods, or almond or soy milk.

There are so many resources out there with recipes and tips – you just have to jump online! But remember, what works for someone else might not be the best for you. You won’t know until you start though. Start with small changes – don’t try to overhaul your whole diet on the first day. Change, or make, one habit. Then start on the next. Talk to people about how you’re changing your lifestyle. This makes you accountable and might help to keep you on track.  

But most of all – enjoy the beautiful good, REAL food! Easy doesn’t have to mean plain or boring. Use spices! Don’t be afraid of trying a food you have no idea how to cook. Google knows how to cook everything…usually in many different ways!

Give it a go…Your whole being will thank you for it. Your training, your recovery, your general well-being.

Bon Appetite!

Coach H x

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Mar 08

SCHF Blog - Why you need to keep playing sport as you get older!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Coach Noonan wrote an article for Sunshine Coast Health and Fitness check it out!

Fusion Sport and Performance: The Importance of Continuing To Play Sport

When was the last time you played sport?

When we are young we want to give everything a go, but as we move into the ‘real world’ most of us stop playing sport. We justify it to ourselves saying “I’m too old”, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t want to get hurt”. Yes, some of these are all legitimate concerns. As we get older and our priorities shift, the risk vs reward of playing a sport may actually be far to great. However as we get older there are some important elements that the gym wont give you. Here are just a couple of reasons why I think its important for adults to continue to play sport:


  • To keep your ability to move through space effectively and freely. I already hear people saying well that’s why I go to the gym! Which is fair BUT in your program how may planes of motion are you moving on? Could you do every movement in your program in a doorway? Do you move laterally and change direction, left to right on a full 360 degree of motion? It is important to utilise reinforcing movements on all planes of motion, after all- life doesn’t only work on a single plane. Doing things regularly that force you to move outside of a sagittal plane is only going to benefit you as you get older.


  • To maintain a good reaction time and keep your coordination. Catching a ball for some is a pretty simple task. For others it is far harder but constantly practicing skills where you are reacting to an object/s is important to your continued health and well being. Just the simple act of moving and catching a ball can help keep your hand eye co-ordination sharp and help with reaction time when the stakes are higher when you are doing everyday tasks like driving a car!


While Im not saying that we all need to go out a sign up for the same sport we used to play when we were younger (especially one where our risk of injury could impact our livelihood), we all need to maintain our ability to play!  Gym work and moving weights is important to maintain a high quality of life, but it also needs to be used to compliment our ability to play and move outside of the gym a good program and a good coach will be able to show you the best way to do this!


Keep working hard and work train with purpose.

Matt Noonan

Fusion Sports and Performance

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Feb 28

March Blog - Coach Shauny! - Accountability is the Key!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Accountability is Key

The good thing about our environment here is that you are never alone in your training, regardless of the program we have levels of accountability set up in your programs, for people outside of our community accountability can be hard. There is a lot of people who go in to the gym on their own. No one really knows that they are training, or what they are training for. This is can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you lack discipline, and in my experience does not usually end well. All this “knowledge” or “experience” did not just come from observations, however. I have fallen victim to having zero amounts of accountability in the past myself, and it can put a real dampener on training progress, or even lead to a cessation of training altogether.

For those who aren’t too sure, accountability is the act of being accountable. Now it does not seem like much, and some of you may be thinking “I can hold myself accountable for my own training”. Unfortunately, we are wired to let ourselves cheat, cut corners, and get away with anything but murder. Not to say you can not do it all yourself, but why make it harder for yourself? If there is any easier path of less resistance, then laws of nature dictate that things will flow better through that channel. That and it makes sense to go down the simpler, easier path, right?

So, how do you make accountability work for you? There are a number of ways that you can build an accountability network, and I’m going to list a few things off for you here. I’m sure there are plenty of other options you can investigate, but here are just a few to get you started on your way.

  • FIND YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: This is not the simplest task, but it is the first one you are required to do. You can’t just nominate anyone to hold you accountable, you need to talk to someone about being there for you properly. Someone who will hold you accountable, check in on you, but also just someone you can communicate with about how things are going. Which leads me into the next point.
  • REACH OUT TO THEM: An accountability partner is not a detective who is always on your case the whole time. They are also someone to revel in victory with, or to share the burden of defeat. Did you just have a really rough session and you weren’t really feeling it? Let them know and maybe they will offer you some kind words to bolster the spirits. Particularly after a session that didn’t seem great; an accountability partner can remind you of all you have accomplished when you can’t see it yourself and help you get right back in there. On the flip side – did you have the best session ever and smash a PB? Let them know! It is time to celebrate, reward yourself, and there’s no reason your accountability partner can’t join in on the festivity.
  • LAST RESORT… FOR SOME: I consider this a last resort, but some consider it their first. Social media is a platform where you can have hundreds of less engaged accountability partners all at once. They are not really accountability partners, but this is more like a diary where people can see each entry you put in. This is where all those gym selfies and things go to form a sort of journal of all your workouts. Unfortunately, no one will really hold you properly accountable. However, as your progress improves and changes are noted, you may get the odd comment here and there, and that can help you stay the path.

As I said earlier, these are only a few ways you can start being more accountable. If you truly want to get the most out of your training, then you need to have accountability. When it comes to smashing your goals, accountability is key.

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Feb 14

Using mindfulness to improve your fitness and health goals!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

We got Coach Davo to do a blog post for our most recent newsletter this week! Here is the full article!

Anyone wanting to improve their fitness, health, and life in general, need to be aware of how much your mind and internal ‘talk’ play a really big role. This is something I didn’t realise until maybe like… 5 or 6 years into my competitive athletics career, and then even when I knew about it, I wasn’t really training my ‘internal’ body (aka mind), as much as my external body.

It has only really been in the last 2 years that I have tried to concentrate on mindfulness in everyday life and when I train. What I mean by mindfulness: non-judgmental present-moment awareness, using breathing and meditation techniques to help achieve this. How can it help? Improves focus and helps you enjoy your workout (see headspace 4 reasons below too).

There is so much information and research that supports the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for everyday life and for athletic performance (I have listed a few other articles if you’re interested, below), but for me, keeping it really simple and quick is always the best. You don’t need to sit for 20mins meditating daily, if you do, then that’s awesome! But some people find that overwhelming. You can even mediate while surfing or running. It’s about taking that time out to be quiet and let thoughts come and go without judgement.

Coach Davo’s personal tips:

  • Focus on a background noise – eyes can be open – do it 2 mins to start with, then increase to 5 if you can– do this in the morning and for added benefit, write or think 3 things you are grateful for (can literally just be – I’m grateful my bed is soooo comfy)
  • When training, I always try to breathe in a rhythm depending on what exercise I’m doing and focus on my breath, especially before I start my reps, it also helps me to think about the muscle/s I’m about to use. Slowing down breathing when stretching (4-6 secs in and out) is great to finish off your session.
  • Self-talk - MAKE IT POSITIVE, but even if negative thoughts come into your head like ‘I can’t do that weight or that run, just notice them and be like ‘that’s just a thought I’m having’. This is me in my head when I’m working out ‘girl you got this, F#@* yeah smashed that one Davo, awesome you can do this, you’ve done it before….. hahahaha  etc  etc…. and when I’m sprinting – I always either count, 1,2,1,2,1,2 or if going a bit of a slower pace, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 etc, I also swap between counting and ‘glutes, arms, glutes, arms’ as those are the two things I know I need to focus on when sprinting for my technique and to be efficient.
  • Other ways to meditate/be present – running, surfing, yoga (use youtube for yoga),
  • guided meditations and positive affirmations (on youtube or audio books) are my go to Every. Single. Day. I usually listen to positive affirmations as I fall asleep (that’s why I think I’m so awesome in the mornings.. hahaha well that, and coffee = hyper davo)
  • I have learned all that I have through so so so so many people/information/podcasts etc on the net. And people I have come across in daily life who have given me tips.

2 of many of my podcast favs:

  • The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson – all about health, fitness, nutrition and mindset.
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations - ‘You get burpees! You get burpees! You get burpees!’…………………………. (kidding she never talks about burpees, but after I listen I might just need to yell this at my classes just cos’) Oprah interviews thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.

Headspace’s 4 reasons every athlete should meditate (PS – YOU ARE ALL ATHLETES)

1. Stress Reduction 2. Improved Sleep Patterns and Speeding Recovery Time 3. Enhanced Endurance 4. Improved Sense of Identity, Self, and the Body

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Oct 29

Thursday Thoughts - Attention to detail!

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

We have 2 Vlogs that we will be putting up each week!

Technique Tuesday and Thursday Thoughts!

This is the First Thursday thoughts Vlog, send us an email or comment with any questions!

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