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Apr 01

The 2015 Crossfit Open Recap

Posted by Crossfit Maroochydore

Well the Open is over for another year! Some memorable moments for me this year were, Brody getting his first Muscle Up! Miets getting her FIRST 3 Muscle Ups! Chris and Benny Smashing their Clean and Jerk PB's and Katie having not done a Kipping pull up before smashing out 6 amazing pull ups unbroken like it's nobody's business! To everyone that participated a big congratulations you make me a very proud coach and I love the community that we have here at CFM!
Where to from here? For most of us it's back to training to get better at life, for our Sue its onto the Master Qualifers! Sue Finished 17th Worldwide and 2nd in Australia! What an amazing effort after coming back from some tough injuries. Sue will be doing the Masters qualifiers at the end of April, as a community i can't wait for us all to get behind her as she tries to get back to The CrossFit Games! Looking forward to a great month a training! Congratulations again everyone!

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