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Mar 08

SCHF Blog - Why you need to keep playing sport as you get older!

Posted by Matt Noonan on Thursday, March 08, 2018

Coach Noonan wrote an article for Sunshine Coast Health and Fitness check it out!

Fusion Sport and Performance: The Importance of Continuing To Play Sport

When was the last time you played sport?

When we are young we want to give everything a go, but as we move into the ‘real world’ most of us stop playing sport. We justify it to ourselves saying “I’m too old”, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t want to get hurt”. Yes, some of these are all legitimate concerns. As we get older and our priorities shift, the risk vs reward of playing a sport may actually be far to great. However as we get older there are some important elements that the gym wont give you. Here are just a couple of reasons why I think its important for adults to continue to play sport:


  • To keep your ability to move through space effectively and freely. I already hear people saying well that’s why I go to the gym! Which is fair BUT in your program how may planes of motion are you moving on? Could you do every movement in your program in a doorway? Do you move laterally and change direction, left to right on a full 360 degree of motion? It is important to utilise reinforcing movements on all planes of motion, after all- life doesn’t only work on a single plane. Doing things regularly that force you to move outside of a sagittal plane is only going to benefit you as you get older.


  • To maintain a good reaction time and keep your coordination. Catching a ball for some is a pretty simple task. For others it is far harder but constantly practicing skills where you are reacting to an object/s is important to your continued health and well being. Just the simple act of moving and catching a ball can help keep your hand eye co-ordination sharp and help with reaction time when the stakes are higher when you are doing everyday tasks like driving a car!


While Im not saying that we all need to go out a sign up for the same sport we used to play when we were younger (especially one where our risk of injury could impact our livelihood), we all need to maintain our ability to play!  Gym work and moving weights is important to maintain a high quality of life, but it also needs to be used to compliment our ability to play and move outside of the gym a good program and a good coach will be able to show you the best way to do this!


Keep working hard and work train with purpose.

Matt Noonan

Fusion Sports and Performance

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