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Mar 27

Coach Christians Blog - What are you doing to achieve your fitness goals?

Posted by Matt Noonan on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What are you doing to achieve your fitness goals? While showing up to the gym is a great start, it is only 50% of the challenge. To achieve your goals this may involve staying back and putting the extra work in after classes or you may have to work on the small details outside of the gym. Once you have established what goals you’d like to achieve, you should create a checklist that you can use to check off certain behavioral or training markers to give you the best shot of achieving them. If your goals involve something like weight loss or muscle gain, your checklist should include things like sleep tracking, nutrition tracking and putting your best effort into your training. If your goals are related to a certain movement such as getting a new personal best or getting your first pull up, some extra work has to be done. Doing extra accessory work to build strength in the muscles required for the movement, working on mobility and working on the technique of the movement should all be a part of the checklist to help you lift that heavier weight or do that movement you’ve never been able to do. Your checklist will make you accountable for whether or not you will achieve your goals. If you don’t achieve the goal you wanted you can look back and see if you did those extra little things that would have helped you along the way. Don’t just sit back and hope that your training will be enough.

Coach Christian!

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